I do not always have access to a car?

This is not a problem as we are one of the few agencies that supply in house transport


Once I have registered how long will it take until I can work?

We aim to get you fully registered and compliant as quickly as possible. But we do need to work together and a lot of the onus is on you to ensure that you send in all the documentation that we ask for quickly.


I am only waiting for my CRB can I work in the meantime on my current employers CRB?

It is a legal requirement that you have a CRB for every employer or agency that you currently work for.


Can I have a telephone interview instead of having to personally meet with you?

All candidates have to meet with one of our practicing nurses in order to ensure that we can confirm and verify your work experience. This is part of our application process. We do, wherever possible try to ensure that we meet with you at your convenience and are happy to arrange interviews in your area to minimise any inconvenience to you.


I work full time within the NHS and I do not understand why I have to do all this training for you when my full time role does not ask for any of this, it seems a lot to do when I just want to do the odd shift.

The NHS enforces these requirements as agency workers are effectively viewed as a new starter. We are bound by the statutory recruitment and care standards regulations and in order to maintain status as a responsible healthcare provider we are legally bound to enforce the training and compliance that the NHS requires.


Do I get holiday pay?

Yes, it’s paid extra on your hourly rate so is an added benefit rather then having to save it all up.


Where have you got work?

We have contracts throughout the UK with major hospitals, care homes, and prisons.


I am having problems getting an Occupational Health appointment?

We can arrange to have your bloods taken through a third party and the results will back to us within 48 hours.


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