Go Tec Nursing, take pride in the fact that we listen to all our clients needs and react by ensuring a service of excellence is in place. We understand the importance of continuity and reliability of staff is vital to the continued success of your business. So we recruit dedicated, diligent, high quality nurses and Healthcare Assistants who also share the same values in continuity and reliability. The staff we provide will become a familiar face within your own team, getting to know staff and patients and learning your schedules and procedures showing a level of confidence and initiative that exceeds expectations.

We know that you like staff to arrive with enthusiasm fresh for the shift ahead, Staff who display a hands on approach within the team that they are working. So Go Tec Nursing operates in house transport so that our staff arrives fresh and on time. We understand that when you have a need for staff you need to have a fast response to so we guarantee a 30 minute response time to any booking enquiry.

We are on the NHS Buying Solutions Framework and work closely with NHS Trust hospitals, all Care Home providers and HMS Prisons throughout the UK. Therefore you can be assured that all of our Nurses and Healthcare Assistants are personally interviewed, complete with the necessary disclosure, qualifications, training, vaccinations and reference checked as standard. Our services are tailored to your needs and requirements. All interviews are by a practicing SSN.

Go Tec Nursing believe in building foundations for relationships to prosper. We welcome the opportunity of working alongside you. So rather then having to deal with call centres, and different offices and operators. You will instead be designated your own personal Bookings Consultant, who will work closely with you, who will understand your staffing requirements and will successfully provide staffing solutions for all your needs. Go Tec nursing operate as a agency 24 hours, 365 days of the year.

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